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sx_toykink's Journal

Spander!Kink... you know you want it!!
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Okay, this community is dedicated to all those who love Spander, and especially those who love toy!kink, with all it's associated fun of bondage, Master/slave, etc, etc!!

Threesomes with Spander are welcome, including het ones, though this is largely a slash group, and weekends are a free-for-all where non-spander pairings are allowed, as long as they include either Spike or Xander as one of the participants, the last weekend of the month is anything goes, this means any pairing under the sun, or maybe I should say moon!!

Free your kinks!! Fics can be as lighthearted, or as dark as you wish, just make sure you post warnings if your feet are firmly on the darkside!! Leave no kink unturned!!

BTW, the banner is temporary... at least until I finish drawing my Spander Toy!Kink pic, until then enjoy Roger!!

Due to the nature of this community, I respectfully request that everyone who joins should be mature, open minded, and OVER 18!! Please make sure that your full date of birth is visible in your profile before requesting to join.